About Us

PREMIUM CAPITAL AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LTD is a well-positioned, full service, Nigeria based, International Management and Financial Services firm, specializing in projects, investments, trade and development finance and advisory services in public and private sectors of African economies.

Premium Capital is a member company of Timeless Holdings Ltd.

Premium Capital operates in networks with Attorneys, Chartered Accountants, Stock Brokers, Bankers, Insurers, Engineers, other Industry specific Professionals, Project Owners, Equity and Debt Investors in major African Regional Markets to deliver a broad spectrum of services to qualified projects ranging from Project Identification, Design, Promotion, Development, Financing, Implementation and Post-Commissioning Operation and Maintenance.


Our Profile

Premium Capital & Investment Solutions Ltd. is directed and managed by a distinguished team of core professionals, each member a gentleman of high moral standing. Each also brings to the Company a high degree of competence, accomplishment and experience in various aspects of business and comes with a firm commitment to devote the necessary time and resources to successfully direct the company in all its undertakings.

Our Board & Management

Key Management Personnel

Yinka Suleman
Chief Consultant

Adeyinka has over twenty-five years of finance, accounting, risk management and consulting experience. He has been at different times an Audit, Manager, Bank’s head of internal
control, Bank’s head of risk management, general manager of a finance and stock broking firm and managing partner of a management consulting firm.

Academically, Yinka holds an HND (Ilaro Polytechnic), an MBA (Lagos State University) and an M.Sc (Westminster University, London). He is an Associate of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. Adeyinka is widely read and extensively traveled.

Adeyinka is the immediate past Director of Finance of the Lagos State Lottery Board and gaming business sector of Lagos State Government. He is charge of the daily finance operations.


Koley Rufai
Executive Director, Corporate Finance

Koley is responsible for overseeing the Corporate Finance function of the company.His experience includes leading a range of accounting, finance,research, investment/portfolio management, businessdiagnosis and restructuring, corporate strategy, corporate finance, audit and assurance, training and management services. Koley was the only Nigerian Manager in Pricewater House Coopers’ African Central Corporate Finance Team and the only Nigerian member to be trained in Corporate Finance special skills before he resigned from the services of the firm in 2005.

His core strengths are management, planning and strategy, accounting and finance, valuation and financial modeling Sikiru holds a B.Sc (from University of Jos) and an MBA (from University of Lagos). He is a chartered accountant with 13 years of professional experience in different sectors.


Other Management Staff:

  1. Adepoju Shittu – B.Sc (Economics), ACA.
  2. 2. Mayowa Adebiyi – B. Tech. (Agronomy), PGD.